Thursday, June 26, 2014

THURSDAY THOUGHTS June 26: Rating Systems with @okletsread

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June 26: Rating Systems

Do you use a star rating system when you read/review books?

I haven't been on this blog. I might start soon.

What are your opinions on star rating systems?

I think that they are a helpful evil. Reviews are really subjective. Ratings can help provide a clearer picture of an opinion.

Are there any other forms of rating books that you use?

Not at the moment. I'd be interested in learning more about other forms.

How do you think rating systems could be improved?

I've got no suggestions. Perhaps a change in user attitudes. I don't think that a rating of 3 out of 5 is bad. To me, it is good. I'd read a book with a rating of 3. Some authors think that it is an insult.

I've gotten a few review requests from authors who stated that if I couldn't give their books a rating of 4 or better "don't waste my time." <sigh> Why ask for an "honest" review if you are going to tell me what my opinion needs to be in advance.

Along that same line, do you see any problems with the way Goodreads' rating systems work?

My main problems with Goodreads' rating system is user-related. I don't like it when people give ratings to books that they haven't read. Usually based on their like or dislike of the author and/or series.

So what are your thoughts?

Special thanks to Oh Magic Hour for putting on to this meme!


  1. Rating systems could be tricky. I personally like give half stars and I explain why I give it that certain rating in my reviews. I just wish that Amazon, Goodreads, and Shelfari allowed half-star ratings.

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  2. I find half stars helpful in reviews. I just read a novella that I wanted to give a half star. Do you round up or down on Amazon, Goodreads, and Shelfari?