Saturday, June 21, 2014

Box Set Giveaway Hop: June 21 - 27 ft. Rayven Godchild

Welcome to the Box Set Giveaway Hop - hosted by Close Encounters with the Night Kind!

Summer is a great time to start a new book series. With longer warmers days on hand, I like to binge read an entire series.

I am kicking off the summer by giving away a copy of the Confession​s of a Sex Fiend series by Rayven Godchild.

I am also hosting the Bewitching Book Tour for the series so that means you'll have multiple chances to win!


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Book Description

On the path to earning his degree in mechanical engineering, Chancellor Baltimore, geek-extraordinaire, experiences a detour of a lifetime. He discovers his inner sex fiend and an incurable yearning to be the fantasy, bring the pain, and ensure unbridled pleasure for his clients. But even he experiences a bump in the road.

In Tasting Cherry, everyone has a first time.
In A View to Ecstasy, it’s so much more fun when there’s more than two in the tango.
In Retreat Bound, there’s pleasure in the pain.
And in Bound to Collide, Chancellor experiences a collision course that is inevitable.

Let’s enjoy these tales of a sex fiend as Chancellor continues to break the rule that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. They will be our little secrets…

About the Author

Rayven Godchild is an author of erotica/erotic romance short stories, novels and novellas. Her first published work appeared in a fit of obscurity during a tumultuous time in life. That story, Secret Lilies, will see the light of day again with a lot less stress and a lot more joy surrounding its republication in the very near future.

Currently, the Confessions of a Sex Fiend short stories are working their way out into the world, with the first one, Tasting Cherry, as Rayven’s re-debut as an author. A View to Ecstasy and Retreat Bound are available. Bound to Collide is the final confession, but certainly not the last the world will hear from Chancellor Baltimore.

Here are some places you can find Rayven:

Twitter | Facebook | Enjoying the Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Bewitching Book Tour Giveaway

3 ebook copies of the boxed set
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One (1) ebook copy of Confessions of a Sex Fiend.
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Thanks for dropping by Kinky Vanilla Romance. Good luck and happy hopping!


  1. Welcome to Kinky Vanilla Romance, Rayven. I am happy to have you here.

    What is your favorite story in the series? Why?

    I hope that you have a great tour!

    1. Hey Skeeter Lee! I'm honored to be here (Angela Brown is me and Rayven is my naughty alter ego). It's hard to pick just one short story. Each one is themed and has a special twist to it. I find that I lean towards Retreat Bound for a re-read of something HAWT because Master Baltimore really takes his sub to a fantastic high. But I enjoy them all so much.

      Thank you for the well wishes. I hope you enjoy the Confessions series :-)

  2. Hi Rayven!

    I shared your book trailer in the Goodreads group, Book Trailers - Check Them Out!

    The group members will need a fan for this series.