Thursday, May 22, 2014

THURSDAY THOUGHTS for May 22: Book Buying Bans via @okletsread

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May 22: Book Buying Bans

Have you ever put yourself on a book buying ban?


In fact, I am on one right now. I am not allowed to buy any books with my own money until the first day of summer. It's a good thing that I love to enter giveaways :-)

Do you believe that book buying bans actually can make a difference?

Yes. It's like one of those chain reaction Direct TV commercials.
  1. A book ban helps me save money.
  2. It encourages me to utilize my local library services more.
  3. Spending time at the library forces me to interact with more readers.
  4. Interaction exposes me to a wider variety of books.
  5. Variety encourages me to be more choosey about what I spend my money on to read.
  6. Being choosey means no more buying books just because they are on sale.

At what point do you decide that it's really time to put yourself on a book buying ban?

When my e-reader gets too full of bargain books.
When I have a pile of books from PaperBackSwap that haven't been read yet.
When I get frustrated about what to read next because I have too many options at my finger tips.

So what are your thoughts?

Special thanks to Oh Magic Hour for putting on to this meme! I might go back and answer the previous May questions ;-)

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