Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Armchair BEA 2014: Day 2 - Author Interaction on Twittter - @BellaAndre @Louisabacio @pmterrell

Armchair BEA Prompt: Let’s talk interacting with authors IRL (in real life) or online. This is your opportunity to feature your favorite author fan moment (i.e., an author sent you a tweet or commented on your blog).

It's day two! I have one day of posts, cheerREADING, and Twitter partying in the bag.

This morning, I found the message below in my inbox. Swoon!

Bella Andre is the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of The Sullivans series. Having sold more than 3 million books, Bella Andre’s novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world.

Twitter has changed my interactions with authors since I became a blogger. I never really felt comfortable sending an email to an author with a general question or just to say hello.

I can do that now with Twitter.

I find it easier to keep up with my favorite authors on Twitter. I can see what they are working on, laughing about, promoting, and sometimes what they had for dinner. It's hard to do that checking their websites every few months.

Yeah, you read that right. I am blog hopping with Louisa Bacio. Author of erotic contemporary and paranormal romance. OCC/RWA President - 2013. Editor with Entangled Publishing. That Louisa Bacio.

p.m. terrell is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of romantic suspense. She blogs on the training of psychic spies. Psychic spies.  She is also the founder of Book 'Em North Carolina (a super cool program). I interviewed p.m. terrell on KVR this month. Drop by the post and ask her a question about The Pendulum Files, Book 'Em North Carolina, or about the beautiful Celtic cross necklace that she is giving away. 

Don't even get me started on all of the cool bloggers that I have interacted with on Twitter!

Yes. Yes. I realize that I am one of millions of fans. I am also a blogger that gets really excited about smallest of author interactions. The 140 characters or less kind.

What authors have you interacted with on Twitter?


I'll be cheering for Armchair BEA participants throughout the week.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to visit with you soon!


  1. I really enjoy my twitter-actions with authors! It often puts a smile on my face! It really has become a great way to connect with those I really enjoy!

  2. Twitter has changed everything about author interaction. I just wish more authors were on twitter. When i come across one who isn't i just want to shake them. They are missing such a great opportunity to meet their reading public. And we are what makes them stars after all.

  3. I love being on twitter and I think a lot of authors tweet back openly. I loved it when Doug TenNapel added me as a friend after reading a couple of his books on Goodreads, such a great guy and an awesome graphic novelist!

  4. I've been on Twitter for about a year now. It was overwhelming at first, but now I am enjoying the interactions with authors.


  5. Twitter is awesome for author interactions. I'm always so excited when they write back. :D